What I Do

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Logos, icons, and illustrations that enhance your brand identity and engage your audience.

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Websites, apps, and e-commerce experiences that showcase your services and sell your products.


Technical leadership that propels businesses and design teams to achieve better results.


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Craft CMS is my weapon of choice for business-focused websites and e-commerce experiences that delight your customers.

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Squarespace is a great platform to design portfolio sites and optimized landing pages that drive traffic.

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If you have a WordPress site, I can help you troubleshoot, optimize, or migrate it to a scalable platform.

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Custom Development

If your project requires it, we can build a fully customized solution for your business.

Success Stories

Who they are
Aromatic Healthcare is a branch of Hygieia, LLC and its goal is to change the way assisted living, and eldercare facilities deliver healthcare.

What I did
Website and branding identity for their new campaign that aims to educate patients and inspire healthcare professionals into action.

Screenshot of the Aromatic Healthcare website

Who they are
MoneyWise is a nationally syndicated radio program that provides biblical answers to financial questions.

What I did
Website and control panel for their relaunched daily radio program. Live stream support, on-air polling, geo search, SharePoint integration, etc.

Screenshot of the MoneyWise website

Who they are
Scanex is QR code scanning app initially developed by the team at InsideOUT and heavily used at their conferences, and workshops.

What I did
Collaborated with InsideOUT and led the development of a complete rewrite of the app that would work well on iPhones, iPads, and Android Devices.

Screenshot of the UI design canvas for Scanex

Who they are
Savvy Apps is a sought-after app design agency and a talented bunch of designers, developers, and engineers who care about their craft.

What I did
Assisted their team with DevOps and helped them optimize their Craft CMS workflow during a site redesign and migration.

Screenshot of the Savvy Apps website

Let’s Work Together

You can be my next success story.

Who Am I

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Selvin Ortiz

Designer Fancy ampersand Developer
Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I worked in the restaurant industry for twelve years.

It taught me about supply and demand, inventory management, collaboration, and leadership.

Then, eight years ago, I left to pursue my passion.

To become a software developer and business strategist who helps small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

P.S. I’m very excited to work with you.
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